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After Earth” took an interesting approach to their Facebook page. They decided to use the timeline feature of Facebook to do a history of what happened before the movie took place. They went all the way back to 1908 AD and talked about made up events through history to provide a back story to the movie and its characters. They even incorporated real events like World War II saying the events were caused by the fabricated events of the movie. It’s a cool idea, but I ultimately feel like it was unneeded. I don’t feel like a lot people are going to take the time to go through the movie’s Facebook page to read up on the movie before they go see it. All the events that were talked about on the Facebook timeline were not even mentioned or brought up in the movie. It seems like they spent a lot of time and effort into making this crazy back story for this movie when they didn’t need to.

When doing the research on their movie websites, I read one of the back story pieces and it cleared up something for me that happened in the movie that I didn’t understand. That’s something that shouldn’t happen; I should have understood it the first time when it was covered in the movie not later when I read about it. This is probably one of the reasons why this movie got bad reviews because it was confusing at points. I feel like they should have spent more time working on the movie and its writing and less time on all the crazy marketing back story stuff.

This movie shows that even with great actors like Will Smith and a lot of good before-release advertising, you can still flop when all the bad reviews come out. When I first started seeing the trailers and ads for this movie I couldn’t wait to see it, but then I started hearing how bad it was and decided to wait until it was available to rent. It just shows that no matter how good you advertise a movie a bad review can hurt your sales.

Would you go see a movie in the theaters even if it had really bad reviews?

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